Ear Wax Removal

  • Microsuction Ear Wax Removal £90
  • Domiciliary Microsuction Ear Wax Removal £130 - £180

Audiological Evaluation ​

Discounted prices for Microsuction and Audiological Evaluation tests performed within the same appointment if no contraindications are found.
Price in (£) is the normal price

  • Mic + PTA £170
  • Mic + PTA + Tymp £210
  • Mic + PTA + Tymp + ART £290
  • Mic + PTA + Tymp + ETD £290
  • Mic + Tymp £140

***Performed on evenings or Saturdays in Kensington (W8) or at Charing Cross Hospital (W6) *** All prices are VAT included *** Prices are subject to change without notice

Hearing Protection

LEL Splash
Swim / Water Plugs
Comfortable medical grade floatable silicone
From £45
From £80
Sleep/ Flight Plugs
Extra-soft powersil silicone flexes allowing movement
From £45
From £80
LEL Solidz
Solid Noise Limiting Plugs
Maximum in-ear custom noise attenuation
From £45
From £80
LEL Hoodies
Earbud Covers
Custom fit sleeves to fit with existing earbuds; earphones required with impressions
From £50
From £90
LEL Racer
Motor Sport Plugs
Medical grade silicone with noisefilters
From £70
From £120
LEL Blockerz
Filtered Noise Limiting Plugs
1/2/3/ +
Industrial level noise specific protection with special filters
From £70
From £120
LEL Shooter
Shooting/Hunting Plugs
High-fidelity protection with activenoise reduction
From £260
From £470
RFiltered Music Plugs
ER 10/15/25/30 Moulds only ER Filters
From £90
From £70
From £170
From £120
LEL Live
Live Music Monitors
For live performance on stage orin the production studio
Pair only
From £600
LEL Beat-Boy
Music Monitors
Plugs + MonitorsMonitors only
Pair only
Pair only
From £160
LEL Comms
Convert Communications
Custom fit with over ear tubing (acrylic)
From £45
From £80
LEL Connect
Hearing Aid Moulds
All hearing aid moulds styles and materials
From £35
From £60
Options & Accessories
Gel Negative
Gel negative for future orders per mould
Single Solid Colour
Single colour per mould
Marbled Colour
Marbled colours per mould
Glitter Mould
Glitter effect per mould
Laser etch (up to 10 characters, per mould
Extraction Cord
Small cord built into mould to aid removal
Comfort Cream
To aid insertion
Wax Removal Pick
To remove wax from mould
Coiled Tubing
For LEL COMMS left/right ear
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