Warcry – Launch Day

Date - 12/08/2019
Time - 6:30 pm - 11:00 pm

While the tournament to be crowned the best chaos band in eightpoints and recieve Archaon’s favour will be taking place on the 19th, on the 12th at seven dials we’ll be having an evening of building, painting, and learning to play the game.

Want a relaxing evening with clippers and glue? Don’t we all! Feel like painting your iron golems blue? We don’t judge! Want to just get your hands on some models and learn the game by playing? That’s the best way to do it! Come on down on the 12th august!

Nahuel Burgos –
Nicholas Collingwood – Stormcast
Paul Quinn – Corvus Cabal
Ben Whittle – Untamed Beasts
Alex Graham – Untamed Beasts (isn’t playing i think)
Jay Tserkezie – Untamed Beasts
Jon Exell –
Thomas Bastian –
Glyn – Borrowing George’s Gitz
Hormis Kallarackel –
Rich Taylor –
Toby doyle –
Andrew Lynch –
George Wheel – The club’s warbands, and a bunch of gitz for folks to borrow
Peter Davies – N/A

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