Virtual Lean Coffee Session (Online & Free) – Leadership Agility

Date - 12/08/2019
Time - 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

This is the first Virtual Lean Coffees run by Business Agility Meetup, London. These are free, monthly, virtual ways to have a dialogue about certain topics and safely share your experiences.

This month’s theme is Leadership Agility. According to Bill Joiner, leadership agility is the ability to take ‘reflective action’ – to step back from one’s current focus, gain a broader, deeper perspective, then refocus and take action that is informed by this larger perspective. How does one achieve this in day-to-day practice? How does leadership agility enables business agility?

Virtual Lean Coffee is a facilitated and agenda-less session. The participants gather, build an agenda of conversation-starting questions — and start discussing and sharing. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for the meeting is democratically selected. At the beginning of the session, we will do a ten-minute topic selection timebox, vote, prioritise and begin the conversation.


Sign-ups will close 2 hours before the event and a Zoom link will be sent out to all sign-ups before the event along with a link to start providing ideas for discussion.

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