Studio Lighting Workshop

Date - 12/08/2019
Time - 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join this Meetup if you want to learn how to work competently in a studio.

This Meetup will focus on studio lighting for portraits, and will equip you with skills and experience so you can create your own studio portraits. The techniques you will learn can be used for head-shots, families, kids, musicians, models and anyone you might need to photograph in a studio.

I work as a portrait photographer, mainly in the studio and I’ll be running the workshop, here’s a link to my website (

You will learn about:

How to use your camera in a studio setting

How to use studio lights properly

How to use a light meter with studio lights

Working with black and white backgrounds to create high key and low key portraits

How to make people look good

Use of light modifiers – softbox, snoot, beauty dish, etc

How to position one, two and three lights for different looks

Separating the model from the background

Main light, fill light, hair light

How to choose the correct lighting for the person you are shooting

Use of reflectors

Basics of posing

Using hard light and soft light

You will need a digital SLR camera with manual mode and need to know how to set ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

There will be lots of opportunity for you to shoot during the workshop and you can use the images in your portfolio. The workshop is run in a photography studio with a female model and lasts for 3 hours.

The studio is one stop from London Bridge on the Jubilee Line; parking is free if you drive.

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