PURPOSE TO ABUNDANCE – Control Your Financial Future, Career & Business

Date - 12/08/2019
Time - 6:00 pm - 9:15 pm




In this time in history, we cannot leave our future in someone else’s hands.

If you are at a crossroad and you are at the point where you want to change your career or start your own business, you must take control of your next step.

Do you want a more secure or higher paying job where you can be fulfilled, valued and respected, or do you want to be your own boss and start your business doing what you love the most?

No matter where you are, you need to do something about it.

This is why we have created PURPOSE TO ABUNDANCE.

Our incredible speakers will help you identify what to do in case you want to move into a more fulfilling career or start your own business.

This event is NOT for you if
– You are completely satisfied with where you are.

– You already have the job or business you want.

– You don’t have an open mind.

This event is for you if
– You are at a crossroad and don’t know what to do.

– You have a few ideas about your next step but you don’t know which one to follow.

– You are ready for the next step and take control of your financial future.

Take ACTION right now and sign up for your free ticket.


Jelena Radonjic

How to make conscious career decisions
During this talk you will learn:

– The most important thing to consider before you find your best career.

– The one thing you must never compromise when choosing a job.

– The right mindset to have when changing your career.

Jelena is an award-winning Career Fulfilment Coach, passionate about helping conscious, aspiring professionals thrive in the careers they love. An experienced professional with 25 years in international recruitment and education management, Jelena is CTI qualified, bringing together unique insights into how recruiters think and how personal coaches work. Jelena has also worked with spiritual teachers such as John DeMartini and Deepak Chopra and infuses love, joy and spirit into her coaching and everything she does.

Jelena is all about results and offers a unique combination of deeper level work based on her training and practice as a personal coach with the application of specific recruitment knowledge and skills. Having lived and worked in 3 countries, she speaks 4 languages and is passionate about cross-cultural competence and communication which all allow her to identify strengths and development areas in clients of any background.

Working in sales, business development, candidate selection, talent acquisition and managerial roles, from start-ups to University Career Service, to growing SMEs in Japan and the UK, Jelena has developed a strong business acumen and commercial awareness that allow her to coach clients from a variety of industries and seniority levels.

Siawash Zahmat

How to turn your expertise into a profitable business
In this talk you will learn:

– The right mindset of a professional business owner.

– What actions you need to take for long term success.

– The system you need to run a sustainable business.

Siawash Zahmat is a high-performance business coach and the co-founder of the Muslim Coaching Academy. He’s a former professional poker player and earned a renowned reputation and success within the scene. Having gone through a life-changing experience, he was inspired to re-evaluate his journey and stepped away in order to pursue a more fulfilling career.

This is when Siawash immersed himself even more into self-development and chose to be a force in changing people’s lives, which subsequently led him to become a coach. Now happily married and father to a little girl, he’s one of the leading coaches in the Muslim scene. His enthusiasm and drive to change the coaching space for the better has been a driving force in always delivering excellence.

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