FREE Public Speaking & Presentation Success Workshop

Date - 12/08/2019
Time - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Imagine how much more success you will achieve when you’re able to confidently: –

√ Stand Up And Speak In Public
√ Create And Deliver Presentations
√ Lead And Fully Participate In Meetings
√ Answer Challenging Questions With Total Confidence
You Can!

When you join our new London public speaking and presentation skills community, you will quickly discover how you can now: –

√ Confidently Deliver Presentations
√ Fearlessly Share Your Thoughts, Opinions and Ideas in Meetings
√ Answer Questions with Total Confidence, Even When Suddenly Put on The Spot
√ Quickly Create Presentations That Get You Noticed For All the Right Reasons!

A community where in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment, you will have the opportunity to speak in public, receive professional feedback, swiftly grow your skills and confidence.

√ Structured Speaking Programme
√ Educational Workshops
√ Opportunities to Participate
√ Personal Feedback From The Experts
√ Members Presentation Skills Reference Book

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When you attend these interactive, Meetup’s, you’re guaranteed to learn effective and powerful new skills that will make you a more confident, confident public speaker and presenter.

Lifelong skills that will forever help you in your career and business.

Your success will be ensured by public speaking experts: –

Brian Guo – UK Speech Contest Winner & International Speaker
Tanvir Arafat – Multi-Award Winning Speaker Confidence Coach
Andy O’Sullivan – International Best Selling Public Speaking Author, Speaker & Educator

Secure Your Seat Today!

This Meetup is open to everyone looking to become a more confident public speaker.

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